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MOVE Ireland and Men’s Development Network to Host Annual 2-Day Conference

Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

MOVE Ireland and Men’s Development Network are pleased to announce the upcoming Annual 2-Day Conference, titled “From Harm to Hope: Building Collaborative Relationships for a Safer Ireland.” The conference will take place on 7th and 8th of June at MOVE Ireland Clonmel Office, bringing together a diverse array of stakeholders committed to fostering collaboration and innovation in addressing pressing social issues facing Ireland today.

This year’s conference theme, “From Harm to Hope,” underscores the urgent need for collective action and partnership to address challenges related to violence, trauma, and community safety. Through engaging keynote presentations, interactive workshops, and panel discussions, participants will explore strategies for transforming harm into hope, building resilience, and creating safer and more supportive communities across Ireland.

“We are excited to bring together professionals, advocates, and community leaders from across Ireland to discuss and collaborate on solutions to pressing social issues,” said Dr. Michelle Walsh, CEO at MOVE Ireland. “By fostering dialogue and sharing best practices, we aim to empower attendees to make a positive impact in their communities and contribute to a safer, more inclusive society.”

The conference will feature a diverse line-up of speakers and presenters, including experts in law enforcement, social work, mental health, community development, and academia. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with peers, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights into innovative approaches to promoting safety, resilience, and hope.

MOVE Ireland Annual Conference Agenda

MOVE Ireland and Men’s Development Network to Host Annual 2-Day Conference in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.

Statements from Men Who have Participated in a MOVE Ireland Programme

““MOVE saved my life and marriage, helped me to see the man I had become and to understand why I act that way.”


“It has really affected positively - my thinking and reaction processes not only to my wife and family but others as well.”


“I have a completely different approach now. I can read myself and others better.”


“MOVE helped me to develop new ways of thinking and coping with the challenges of parenting.”